Session 2

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Session 2

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The city has grown restless of late thanks to the plague running rampant through the streets. Plagues are never a pleasant thing to witness, even when not magically conjured; however, some plagues are even worse than what nature or magic can create. So it is with the plague of politics.

Politics twist the mind, turning friends into foes and tearing families apart. In most cases these feuds never cross over into violence, yet when they do it only involves split lips, brushed knuckles, and wounded pride. It is however, not unheard of for flashing steel to spill bright blood and stain the cobbles. This is the depth to which the City's politics had descended.

As the time of decision approaches, more and more citizens capitulate to one faction or another. Most making the choice more out of self preservation or familiar traditions than any moral basis. Those who refuse are lucky to simply receive thrusts through the heart, other poor souls experience much harsher treatment at the hands of the dedicated. Thus we come to my part in this mess.

Being an incorporeal citizen, a ghost really, the political maneuvering of living holds little meaning. What is of concern are the dark spiritual lesions left in the wake of senseless violence. Theses festering blights attach themselves to the ethereal like ravenous leaches and wait for a more suitable host.

When enough of the lesions infest an area it can insight feelings of dread and nausea in the living. These feelings are caused by the lesions drawing off energy from those passing by. When these infestations absorb enough energy they spawn mindless abomination capable of devouring the souls of the living. However, as bad as the danger is to the living even worse nightmares are born in a city lost in its own ignorance.

That is for another time however. For now I have work to do.

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