Session 5

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Session 5

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A gentle rain fell sorrowfully upon twelve newly filled graves. Each drop seemed to touch the packed earth and roll down the mounds like tears on a living cheek. It was as though the world itself mourned the loss of lives to such senseless violence.

Shaking his spectral head the watching spirit moved forward to study the graves more closely. Three were small, dug for children sent on errands that would never be completed. The other nine appeared to be that of a typical adult; however one stood out for its lack of headstone and the lone mourner that still knelt by the mound even in the rain. Drawing nearer the sounds of wrenching sobs challenged the pattering rain for attention.

Minutes passed as he silently contemplated the scene before him.

"I never meant for this to happen!" Moaned the kneeling figure. "You weren't suppose to be there!" With shaking hands the figures pulled a small box commonly used to hold rings. "You are dead and for what? A god forsaken Ring! It's not worth it, nothing is worth it!" Violently the figure threw the offending box far into the rain drenched cemetery then went back to sobbing uncontrollably.

In a move denying all logic, the spirit folded in on himself and re manifested far from the mourner. Tilting his head he studied the now open box and its contents at his feet. Nestled in its tightly packed cloth folds was a finely crafted silver ring embedded with delicate cut diamonds and sapphires. The cost of the diamonds and sapphires alone would have made worth a noble's ransom, but it was the other worldly aura emanating from it that caught his attention.

In life he'd only ever heard whispers of items that possessed the power as this one. Lifting an incorporeal eyebrow he glanced back at the mourner who now shambled away from the unmarked grave. Did they even know what they had thrown away? Would they even care if they understood its value? How many in this city would kill any number of innocents to posses such a thing?

With great sorrow he gazed upon the fresh graves with new understanding. This was the results of a theft gone wrong and the actions of those who were desperate to recover that which was stolen. Until this was found these won't be the last graves dug here in the coming days. The City was about to get interesting and for him that meant more work to do in the dark passages dividing life and death.


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