The Truth of Beer

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The Truth of Beer

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"That does it!" Exclaimed the gnome engineer as he put the finishing touches on his blue print.

"Finally," announced the exasperated dwarf sitting across the table. "Now, will you finish your beer so we can leave." So saying, the dwarf took a large swig from his own mug.

"What is that a drawing of anyways," the dwarf asked as he set the mug on the table with thump.

With a look of excitement the gnome replied, "Its a mechanical fly swatter." Reaching up the gnome took up his own mug. Just when he was about to take a sip a look of disgust crosses his face. Giving the mug a sour look he set it down to stare at his new design. With a curse he picks up his work ripping it in half then stomps off.

"What!?" Asks the startled dwarf looking into the gnomes mug. Floating dead in the beer were six flies.

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