Are Dragons Real?

As a table top RPG gamer I keep tabs on many game systems. Here you will find stories and shorts inspired by these systems.
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Are Dragons Real?

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Inspired by Paizo's up and coming Starfinder setting.

"Welcome to Absalom Station." Announced a voice over the bay's loud speakers as you step off the third class personnel transport. "Please visit with Station Security to declare any items that you have brought aboard. Any undeclared contraband will result in fines and immediate incarceration. Consult your mainframe for a list of contraband items."

"I swear, that voice grates on my nerves every time I hear it." Turning toward the voice you find yourself confronted by a strange sight. Wearing an old cardigan that was more patches than anything else and a short top hat, the owner of the voice stood making a rude gesture toward the loud speaker. Dropping his hand he turned to you with a smile. "I mean is it really their concern what I bring on board?"

Before you can answer a tiny voice pipes up. "Why? You afraid they will confiscate that Ursa Delta cinnamon you've been toting around since coming aboard." With a slight breeze and the flutter of wings, the owner came into view. She was a pixie and her wings buzzed furiously to keep her steady.

"Are you implying that I am doing something less than legal?" Asked the man in a cardigan with a raised brow.

The pixie snorted with laughter. "No need to imply when anyone with a nose can smell the evidence."

The man smiled at the pixie and tipped his hat toward her. "Well, then I shall take my leave. Good adventures to you both." Then with a skip and tuneful whistle he made his way toward Security.

"I abhor smugglers," announced the pixie as she stared after the man. Giving her head a little shake she turns to you with a smile. "I'm Styxi. This your first time in Absalom?" At your nod her smile grows. "Don't worry you'll love it! I'll even show you around, after all it is my hometown."

What followed was a tedious process of getting through Security, but Styxi seemed to know all the inspectors so things went smoothly. Of the man you saw nothing, and when you asked about him the pixie only laughed while saying, "It is only what he deserves."

Once out in the station proper Styxi fluttered her wings excitedly while spinning in air. "Home, sweet Absalom! Well the lower levels any ways." Flittering around the pixie shows you all the hot spots and the safe ones. Eventually you come upon a crowd gathered around the same man you'd met in the bay. He was making jesters with his hands and with a puff of smoke the lights in the station around him dimmed.

"In an age long past mighty heroes once braved great peril on lost Golarion." As he spoke images of great knights and courageous warriors appeared above him. "Of these perils none were more treacherous and cunning than the Wryms of old." Images of Dragons now bore down on the crowd causing adults and children to cry out. "With gashing teeth and mighty breath, the wondrous creatures did strike fear into those who wished to challenge them." On the man went, weaving a tale of heroics and great deeds. At times the dragons were the heroes and the knights the villains, but either way the crowd stood riveted. Even Styxi was caught up in the tapestry he wove.

"Alas, those days are gone, but adventure still awaits those brave enough to seek it. There may even be a dragon or two still to fight or to befriend." At this there was another puff of smoke and all the images disappeared leaving only the storyteller bowing to the applause.

"Is it true papa?" Asked a child of his father. The father hushed the boy before guiding him away.

You however never took you eyes off the storyteller. In that moment of the child's innocent question you saw a gleam come into his eye. At the same time an aura of vastness seemed to slip just a fraction leaving you in awe.

Dragons did still exist.

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