Olp Treehopper

As a table top RPG gamer I keep tabs on many game systems. Here you will find stories and shorts inspired by these systems.
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Olp Treehopper

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Character concept developed using Pathfinder RPG rules.

Olp Treehopper stood contemplating tiny moving creatures from the vantage of a tall rocky bluff. Like himself the subjects of his scrutiny were kobolds, but unlike him they were returning home after a recent raid on a hafling farming compound. By the half heard cries in common they'd taken more than pigs.

Sighing heavily, Olp turned to retrieve his ranseur before looking back to the scene. He hated it when his divine oaths to the Empyreal Lord Neshen pitted him against his own kind. Thankfully he shouldn't have a need to kill too many of this band due to the cowardly nature of most kobolds; beside if he did this right he may just plant the seed of a better way in the hearts of a few.

Smiling optimistically Olp jumped off the cliff like bluff spreading his wings. With a rush the wind caught him and he glided down to intercept the band. His translucent scales and shining mithral mail made him appear as a soaring spirit out of his people's past. His smile grew at this thought and he let forth an undulating cry taught to him by his divine lord of Repentance.

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