Third Watch

As a table top RPG gamer I keep tabs on many game systems. Here you will find stories and shorts inspired by these systems.
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Third Watch

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Wrote this as some fan fiction for Paizo's new up coming Starfinder setting.

It was Third Watch, or a more archaic term:The Graveyard Shift, and all was quiet on the bridge. Quiet was good, quiet was how Gunner's Mate Milly Briarton liked it. Quiet meant she didn't need to utilize her meager piloting skills to maneuver this hunk of space junk the Captain called a ship.

The ship 'The Seventh Sister' was a Roc-class freighter which was once widely used for its high versatility in both Void and planetary operations. Three hundred years ago you couldn't make port any where without seeing five or six of them. Now a days if you saw one in port you wondered at what fell magic kept the piece of junk running.

To give the Captian credit, the woman knew how to keep the 'Sister' in service. With a combination of skilled bargaining, contacts, and a healthy dose of luck, she'd amassed quite the fortune which she then put into her ship. So while the outside was of Roc-class design, it's innards certainly weren't. Though despite all of this Milly still didn't think much of the ship.

How could she? The daughter, albeit a disgraced daughter, of a known shipwright put trust in a ship design that was over three hundred years old? The very idea was laughable, but what choice did someone in her situation have?

Sighing deeply at the injustices of the Universe, Milly tucked her short little legs up under her chin. She wished she were back home but after being caught smuggling and then resisting arrest, she had to keep a low profile and stay under the Law's radar. Hell, she'd even gone so far as to change her name let alone sign on to a rattle trap ship as a lowly gunner's mate. A flashing light on the ship's console distracted Milly from her musings.

Reaching forward she flipped a switch shutting off the light and accepting the incoming message.

Emergency message for all ships in range of this signal. A dimensional tear has been cataloged in Sector 1279. Avoid this sector if you can, if you can not run engines at maximum safe levels and maintain armed watch. I repeat, a dimensional tear has been cataloged in Sector 1279. End transmission.

Her nice quiet watch gone, Milly flipped the switch to turn off the com with a shaking hand. Turning her head toward the navigation display her worst fears were confirmed; the 'Sister' was currently on a short cut course through the Kraken Nebula which was dead center of Sector 1279. Thanks to the magical and gravitational anomalies created by the nebula it was impossible to operate any hyper drives. In essence they were now the proverbial sitting duck in a Void Born shooting gallery.

Swallowing the gorge in her throat, Milly slapped the all hands klaxon before flipping another switch to broadcast a distress call.

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