As a table top RPG gamer I keep tabs on many game systems. Here you will find stories and shorts inspired by these systems.
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Fan fiction for Starfinder.

In the vast vacuum of space all manner of disasters can befall the unwary. Even being prepared for every contingency is really no defense when fate and luck turn against you. Such was the tale one ship engineer cast adrift in the Void by navigational system malfunction.

It was only a routine pre-dock EVA repair, a docking light needed replacing. If it were up to Karl he would have left things as they were till they'd docked, but that would have been a violation of the regulations and a 200 credit fine. The fine wasn't even the Captain primary concern, even though he abhorred the loss of money; no, the man was notorious for stubborn adherence to the regs. Besides, Karl was of the opinion the bastard was simply out to make his life a living hell.

"You almost done with that?" A small voice belonging to the halfling first mate berated over his suit’s com. Yet another man that was out to make him miserable.

"I just got out here!" Moving his chin down Karl depressed a small toggle switch releasing a burst of air from his EVA Pack propelling him and the replacement light away from the ship's airlock.

"Well hurry it up! The more time you waste the less I get to drink!" The com then went silent leaving Karl with no one to hear his blistering curses but himself.

One day Karl was going shove that stunted runt into the crystal reactor and watch as the energized particles slowly tore him into bloody ribbons. On that day he'd crack open a bottle of the Absalom Whiskey he had stashed away in an unused CO2 scrubber. He might keep a recording of it to watch again later with some fried cheese curds. However, that would have to wait till later when he'd tied up some other loses ends.

His wishful thoughts carried him through the nerve wracking series of EVA maneuvers that put him over the burnt out docking light. Toggling the EVA switch one last time to gently glide toward the ship's hull, Karl activated his mag boots and with a solid thunk he was attached to the hull. The replacement only took but a few minutes and he was ready for his return trip to the auxiliary airlock. Just when he was about to deactivate the mag boots and push off the ship began to vibrate beneath his feet. "What the hell is going on!" He demanded over the com.

A panicked voice of the first mate was his reply, "I don't know! The damn Navcore just lit up! The reactor crystal is energizing!"

In desperation Karl deactivated his mag boots and kicked off hard. He then toggled the EVA switch to propel him away from the ship at speeds way beyond safe operations and just in time. The ship went from zero acceleration to 500 mi/s2 in an instant and Karl was swept up into the particle wave generated by the crystal reactor.

Time seemed to stop for Karl as energized particles ripped at his suit. With a crack more felt than heard and a blue electric arc, his EVA pack died though fortunately it did not explode; yet. As the wave dissipated he became aware that he was screaming over the suit's alarms as it registered his vitals at dangerous levels. A quick prick in his neck was the last thing he felt as his suit injected an emergency sedative that made him lose consciousness.

He awoke to the irritating sound of white noise in his ear. "Will you let me sleep," Karl muttered angrily. The use of his com to torture him was one of the first mate's greatest thrills. The slug would time things for when he'd just fallen asleep then stream blaring music right into his bunk, or he'd talk non-stop. This latest tactic just may be the worst of all.

Moving to block out the white noise with his pillow he realized that he did have a pillow nor was he in his bunk. His eyes snapped open as what took place rushed back to him. For a second time his vitals rose to dangerous levels and his suit alarms sounded, but when the injection needle pricked his neck there was only pain; however the pain did provide him an anchor to cling to.

Several times the needle stabbed his neck to administer the non-existent sedative, and with every sting Karl brought himself closer to calm. It was the needle snapping off in his neck that gave him the focus to finially gain control and silence the unit's vital alarm. Now he could turn his mind to other things.

Opening his eyes he beheld the cold black emptiness of space. The closest star with any planet capable of sustaining life was more than 8 light years away. While that was only a 12 hour trip for an interstellar travel ship, it was certainly a death sentence for him. So with nothing else to do but die, Karl began a throat chant he learned in his youth.

It is said that it originated over a thousand years ago and lamented the loss of the almost mythical Golarion. When Karl learned it, the chant was reserved for the funeral of spacers who never returned home or those in which to body was too mangled to identify. If performed by a single person it could move the hardest soul to tears, but with multiple chanters the reverberating bass would resonate with the listener’s body symbolizing the soul’s desire for freedom. However, his psionic trained mind added yet another level thanks his pain induced focus.

His death chant combined with the unleashed power of his mind shaping and twisting it. The newly altered power then reached into the fabric of time and space chipping off slivers that condensed into a gem of absolute darkness. This now completed, the psionic mantle of death ripped Karl's soul from his body sucking it into the gem.

The now soulless body continued its chant as the wound in its neck bled out. It's heart struggled to keep beating but without the oxygen delivered by the lost blood it slowed to a stop. With one last shallow pant the lungs pushed out all the air that remained in their fleshy sacs.

There in the empty void, the body hung encased in a battered EVA suit. The body cooled and the oxygen in the suits tanks ran out. Ice formed form inside the suit sheeting over the helmets visor hiding the body within. Time passed but with nothing to measure it, the concept of time was meaningless. Life then stirred within the pitch black gem and energy burst forth to enshroud the lifeless suit. Slowly the blackness seeped into the suit and when it was gone stillness returned.

A droning vibration built and began emanating from the suit, first in the helmet and spreading to the rest. At first only the suit's fingers moved but they were soon joined by arms and legs. The erratic movement ripped tears in the frozen, damaged material allowing the blackness to escape quickly to enshroud the suit again. This time when the blackness receded only an ice burned corpse remained. Slowly the corpse's head rose and eyes radiated darkness from it withered frosted face.

"I have known the chilling touch of the Void," the corpse began in a soundless voice. "It has held my soul in its corrupting maw and spat me back out to proceed it's coming. Karl is no more, I am Razrushitel'."

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