As a table top RPG gamer I keep tabs on many game systems. Here you will find stories and shorts inspired by these systems.
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Character concept developed using Pathfinder RPG rules.

Sitting in the shadow of a willow that over hung a river bank, Awenasa dosed fitfully. Whenever she closed her eyes the nightmares were there waiting as they been ever since the Coming. In the dreams she would relive the events that led her to the road she currently traveled then watched as she swore an oath of blood to pursue her self imposed task. It was a scream that jolted from her sleep.

Jumping to a fighting crouch with a starknife at the ready, she listened to her surroundings. As time slipped by, Awenasa discerned more screams and laughter of playing children coming from further up stream. With no threat bearing down on her, she relaxed out of her crouch. Smiling at her over wound nerves she settled back against the willow to listen to the children at play.

The deepening of the shadows was the only indication on how much time had lapsed when a woman's voice called out. It was a familiar kind of call since Awenasa could remember her own mother doing the same for her and her brothers when it was time to return home for dinner. When the children ran by her hidden resting place beneath the willow she had to smile at their playful ribbing of each other. Giving her head a shake she dug into her traveling pack for her own meager evening meal.

From the pack she pulled two tightly sealed jars, one held pieces of smoked eel and the other dried apricots. Sighing Awenasa opened the jar of eel first to remove five pieces before resealing it. Grimacing as she ate she wondered for the thousandth time why she had bought the eel in the first place. It was never her first ration of choice, but it was the only thing to buy at her last stop. Finishing the last bite and washing it down with water from her canteen she turned to the more enjoyable part of her repast.

The first sweet tang of the dried apricot on her tongue took her back to a time of youthful innocence. She recalled the glorious Summers spent playing on the shores of the lake her family and extended community called home. Hours were spent splashing water at the other children as they swam and dove to the bottom. There was even the time she and her oldest brother found an old chest of treasure on one of their adventures across the great body of water. Then her nightmares invaded her waking thoughts.

It was the fevers that were the first signs that things were not right in their little village. Then came the insane ramblings and savage attacks which ended only when the perpetuator was killed and burned to ash. Eventually the entire village was quarantined by order of the Undine Council that governed the many lake villages. However, it was only when strange maddening script began appearing on the walls of houses that the real horror began.

Those who'd succumbed to the fevers but had yet gone unburied began to rise. They were not the usual ghouls or zombies that any priest could turn easily, no these were creatures animated by aberrant will. Where they stepped there spread foul corruption that twisted the very earth they tread into insane reflections. All who could did their best to thin out the rising plague but in the end it was an impossible task.

Awenasa was amongst those who had holed up in a barricaded church for safety. It was one of the few surviving children in the church who found the old partially collapsing tunnel that led to a near by river. With new hope the leaders ushered all the children with the adolescents, including herself, through the tunnel. Traveling up the river they found sanctuary that was short lived, the plague had followed.

Thus had Awenasa spent the remaining years of her adolescence learning to fight and detect aberrations in order to eliminate them. She found that she was immune to the aberrant taint so decided to take her fight into the broader world. Now she was returning home to use what she'd learned to free her homeland from its terrible shackles.

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