Dire Straits

As a table top RPG gamer I keep tabs on many game systems. Here you will find stories and shorts inspired by these systems.
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Dire Straits

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Some fan fiction for Starfinder.

It began with a textbook non-military drop; Ship lands, team disembarks, ship takes off. After that the game changed as three MANPAD rockets ended the ship's accent in a ball of flame. As debris rained down communication with the orbiting Specter Corp. transport ship became nothing but static. In essence they were screwed.

Three hours had passed and Britney was cursing her cousin Maria and the woman's hexes. When she got home she was going ram her cousins rune stones down her throat, that is if she survived. For now she to had keep on firing her plasma rifle as long as her charge packets held out.

Glancing to her right, Britney noticed the aqua marine skinned Negotiator struggling to load her much smaller chemical propelled side arm. The other woman was far from the meticulously groomed Specter Trade negotiator she'd met onboard the transport, her tight braid was half undone and dirt streaked the other woman's face. However, the Negotiator had held up thus far, especially for having no military training.

"Sanchez!" Shouted the four armed kasatha team leader. "Any more tricks in that database you call a brain?"

With deadly accuracy Britney fired her rifle at one of the genetically altered gobliniods harassing them, then shot a withering look toward the professional soldier. It never failed, on every mission their was someone who threw an unintended insult her way. As a cyborg she was possessed of many enhancements, the one the kasatha referred to was a quantum storage chip implanted in her brain.

Putting her biological brain on auto pilot, Britney accessed the quantum chip. Millions of scenarios flashed by in less than a tenth of a second but none fit their current predicament. Returning to her natural faculties she took stock of her line of fire before address the kasatha.

"We're going to have to improvisar, Sir!"

"Great!" This the kasatha punctuated by firing from the heavy personnel cannon he carried. "Djir! Deploy the drones!"

"Yes Sir!" The little ratfolk bellowed as he squeezed off a shot from his own rifle. Two sections of his armor broke away and began to hover above Djir's head.

"You have drones?" The question caught Britney by surprise as it came from the Negociator.

"State of the art tactical combat/recon drones," Returned Djir still focused on the setting up the drones data feeds. "Got them special issued on the ship. I always wanted a chance to play with Specter drones."

As Britney watched hope lit Shar'tas' eyes and she ran to Djir excitedly. "Can you find the original program kernel?"

"Of course. Why?" Here Djir looked up with a perplexed look.

"Spector drones were originally designed to function as tactical portal generators!" Shar'tas explained excitedly. "I can provided you the authentication code to access that program file!"

"Sanchez! Watch your zone!" Startled by the kasatha's shout, Britney turned to see three gobliniods only 20 ft from her.

With the enhanced reflexes of her cybernetic arm she fired the shots downing two of the charging enemy. The third mindlessly continued its charge and her rifle flashed red signaling the charge pack was empty. Hurriedly she dropped the rifle to pull her side arm, but the creatures head exploded before she even raised it to fire.

Grafhex lowered the side arm he'd drawn with his lower left hand. "Quit gawking and pay attention!" The kasatha then fired his cannon at another group. Taking the kasatha's words to heart Britney focused her attention on keeping her lines of fire clear.

A few desperate minutes later a loud snapping and popping behind her caused her to turn. On the ground the two drones spun kicking up sparks that eventually connected in an arc. Soon a strong glowing portal hung over the drones.

"We need to get through! It will be stable for only short time." Fitting her words to action the Shar'tas jumped through followed by Djir as Britney watched.

"Move it Sanchez!" Grafhex bellowed as he threw her toward the portal. With one last step she entered and all went black.

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