Verdure Symbiont

Here is were I place class and archetype creations. The are designed for use in the Pathfinder RPG system.
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Verdure Symbiont

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Based on the a Pathfinder rule set.

Verdure Symbiont

Among those druids who feel the call of leaf, vine, and branch there are those that seek to know the verdant path. These druids become symbiotic hosts for plants that then feed on the mystic energies that fuel druidic spells, and overtime gain awareness.

Spell Casting

The Verdure Symbiont casts one fewer spell per level.

Symbiont Bond

At 1st level the Verdure Symbiont bonds with a single tiny non-intelligent plant. As part of the bonding process the druid implants the plant into his/her body and cares for it till it takes root. After completion of the process the plant feeds off the druids own life force and the druid gains the benefits as though they wore a ring of sustenance.

Replaces nature's bond and spontaneous casting.

Green Empathy

At 1st level, the Verdure Symbiont can affect the attitude of plant as if using wild empathy. Druid can use this ability to effect the attitude of animals but suffers a -4 penalty on checks.

Replaces wild empathy.

Symbiont's Rewards

Beginning at 3rd level the symbiont plant shoots out tendrils that wind around the druid's torso and limbs granting +1 natural armor. For every four levels beyond 3rd, this bonus increases by +1 as the vines thicken and harden. The tendrils also sprout thorns granting the druid a natural claw-like attack that does 1d4 damage (1d3 for small creatures).

Replaces woodland stride and trackless step.

Verdant Barage

Upon reaching 4th level a Verdure Symbiont can command flowers, weeds, and grasses to entangle foes 3 times per day. The number of times day increases by 1 for every two levels gained.

At 6th level a Druid can expend these uses to have the plant perform combat maneuvers using the driud’s CMB. This further improves at 10th level allowing the plants to acted like a swarm for 2 rounds doing 1d6 damage per round.

Replaces wild shape.

Plant Poison

Beginning at 9th level, the symbiont plant gains the ability to produce poisons delivered by the thorns. The Druid selects the type of poison produce upon reaching 9th level, this choice cannot be changed. At 13th level a secondary poison can be selected which effects the victim if the save for the first failed. The save for the secondary poison is double the normal Save DC. At the time of selection the Druid is immune to these poisons.

Select from the following poisons.

Spider vine poison
Azure Lilly pollen
Blood leaf residue
Bluetip Eurypterid poison

Replaces venom immunity and thousand faces.

Vegetal Arms

At 15th level two vegetal arms sprout from the verdure symbiont’s back which can be directed to attack enemies 10ft as with the reach weapon property. These arms also grant a 10ft climb speed and can be used to retrieve items from the druid’s person or unattended items up to 10ft away.

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