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Its a Start

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:36 pm
by Wraithwriter
The name's Arty, Arty die Tew. Yes, I know, "Haha, where'd you get that name?" Well its a long story which I will save for a later date, but the short answer is my mother was a big Sci-Fi fan. Anyways, enough of my name I have tidings to impart.

I write this now on papyrus, yes papyrus, but I digress. It seems that both my wildest dreams and worst nightmares have been given form. Fairies flit through the trees in sighting mischief at every turn, and spiders recite macabre poetry before consuming their helpless prey. Best of all is the what permeates every tree, rock, and beast; Magic!

It exists! For the very life of me actual fire and brimstone conjuring magic! I can't Wait to shove my findings under the nose of those useless Academy elites! However, I must first gather more evidence of my findings. Eat your heart out Indiana.