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A Soul's Guilt

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:30 pm
by Wraithwriter
You were sick and in constant pain.
Every day a challenge that shone through your eyes,
But you were always there when I needed to talk.
Soon your suffering grew too much to watch,
So a trip we took.

You were so excited, your tail wagging.
Like a puppy you tried to jump around,
But age and pain were still the stronger.
I helped you into the van and off we went,
With you never knowing it would be your Last.

I whispered in you ears as you fell asleep,
Telling you all would be alright.
With loving arms, I held you close
As your Heart beat its last and your Spirit fled

You were freed of your pain
Fore which I was grateful,
But soul wrenching pain remained
To borrow into my Heart and Soul.
I had killed you and walked away.

Now your ashes rest in a cold gray stone
Emblazoned with your name under your favorite lilac tree.
Your leash and collar all stowed away,
But at night I imagine I hear your tags jingle.

Are you still here or is it only to visit?
Do you resent the decision I made?
Do you think me the murderer,
I see in the mirror?