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Two men were sitting in a wooden booth swapping fishing stories. It was in the middle of a long one that a bell rang as a third entered the booth.

"So, what are you two doing?" The new arrival asked.

"Fishing," was the reply from the other two.

"Fishing?" The third man asked in confusion. "There is no water down here, let alone any fish to catch."

"I wouldn't say that," stated one of the original occupants.

"You only need find the right bait," stated the other.

"But what could you be trying to catch," inquire the third scratching his head in confusion.

"Take a look," the invited original two together.

When the third looked where the two had directed he saw large nets. Struggling in the nets were people.

"So far we've netted three fighters, a cleric, two wizards, and four sorcerers," commented one of the fisherman.

"Almost had a rogue," began the other. "He skipped out just in time, I have the have the perfect bait for him. A sapphire of abundant wealth."

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