A Brewing Discovery

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A Brewing Discovery

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"Ok," whispered a gnome rogue addressing his partner, an eleven fighter. "Just one more trap and we are through. No sudden movements."

"'No sudden movements' he says," the elf mumbled under his breath. "If I didn't need the little pipsqueak I would smash him into the ground." The gnome was the only trap smith he'd found willing to work with him. All the others were too intimidated by his race's superiority. Suddenly the sound of rock grinding against rock echoed softly through the underground tunnel alerting the elf that something was not right.

"What did you do?" the elf inquired of the gnome in a harsh whisper.

"Quite!" the gnome whispered back. "I am working!"

As the elf listened the grinding grew louder and louder, but the gnome never reacted. The elf however, grew more and more nervous, till finally he could stand it no longer. Reaching into a pouch kept on a bandolier he withdrew a light stone, giving it a shake he threw it back into the tunnel. He heard it bounce once before it lit up like the sun in the dark tunnel revealing a stone wheel bearing down on them. Panicking, the elf took a step back and felt the section of floor depress. With a click the stone wheel disappeared and laughter rang through the tunnel.

"You've killed us!" exclaimed the gnome before taking off down the tunnel at a dead sprint. "Come on you moron! Run!" The elf did not think but reacted instantly, in the short time that he'd know the gnome he had grown to just the gnome's instincts.

It was a mad dash down the hall with the gnome shouting back commands as they went. The commands were simple consisting of a single word followed by action: "Jump" "roll" "middle" "Jump" "zigzag" "stop!". Thanks to his natural inborn grace and agility the elf was able to follow the gnome's commands, but the last had even him struggling to stop in his tracks, and thank heavens he was able to. No sooner had he stopped than a giant blade cam crashing down in front of him; as it was the blade sliced the tip of his long nose.

"Almost bought it there elf!" the gnome shouted. "Why couldn't you just ignore the illusion? I told you no sudden movements!"

"That doesn't matter," the elf stated nonchalantly. "Are we through?"

"Yes," the gnome stated in an irritated tone. "Just let me check this door for more surprises." It took the gnome a good while to conduct his check, and the elf felt that he was taking his sweet time out of spite. Finally, the gnome turned back to him.

"All clear," the gnome stated, "but since you have that ring of deflection why don't you go first."

A little distrustful of the gnome's reasoning, the elf approached the door with caution. First he touched the frame with a single finger ready to spring away, When nothing happened he glanced over at the gnome who was standing to the side arms crossed. Next he took a step through the door and as he set his foot down the gnome reacted.

"No not there!" the gnome shouted.

This caused the elf to dive away from the door landing hard enough to knock the air from his lungs. After struggling to catch his breath he became aware of laughter. Looking over his shoulder he beheld the gnome rolling on the floor in a laughing fit. It was then that it hit him, it had all been joke for the gnomes amusement. Standing up with as much dignity as he could he bushed the dust off and with his long nose in the air marched past the rolling gnome and into the other room. What he beheld was not what he was expecting.

As he crossed the doors threshold the room lit up to reveal dozens of skeletons hanging form the ceiling above a pedestal that held a book. The site of the skeletons gave new meaning to the phrase the elf had read on the ancient scroll: The bones of the old hang watching over the timeless treasure. Apparently the timeless treasure was the book, and if all the traps were a measure worth, then this was priceless.

Hurriedly the elf approached the book and looked down upon the writing in the ancient magically preserved book. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the gnome approach still laughing under his breath. Turning his full attention back tot he book the he began to read. As he read horror began to grow in his mind, fore the information in this book only served to highlight that he had wasted a hundred years of his long life. The book was nothing more than a list of recipes and formulas for alcoholic drinks.

"It’s rubbish," the elf shouted as he stocked away form the book.

When he looked back the gnome had produced a stool form his bag of holding and was reading the book for himself. "I don't know about you friend elf, but for me this is a treasure worth the brewing." he then burst into more laughter.

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