Funeral Service

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Funeral Service

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Making its way down the streets was a solemn precession. The front consisted of a cleric wearing a red miter, and on either side were two other clerics swinging smoking sensors. Following close behind were six heavily muscled men carrying a coffin on their shoulders. As the precession passed the crowds parted to show their respects for the recently deceased.

Now in the land of Trivard it was the tradition for the coffin to be left open. The tradition was based on the belief that the departed soul may not have fled as yet. So to ensure that no boundary inhibited the spirit's departure, the lid was not sealed till just before the coffin was lowered into the grave.

All was as usual till a loud yawn was heard by the pal bearers followed by what sounded like lips smacking coming from inside the coffin. A woman's scream caused the bearers to look over at the burden they carried, and what they saw caused them to freeze in fear. Sitting up in the coffin was the shrouded body of the recently departed.

"Why is it so dark?" Inquired a hoarse voice.

This was just too much for the pal bearers. The clerics paid well but not enough to stick around when the undead rose up. As one all six dropped the coffin and ran.

"Ouch!" The undead creature exclaimed. "What is going on? This is most definitely not my bed!"

By this time the cleric wearing the miter had turned and began to pray. Suddenly his prayers were cut short as the shroud tore to reveal the face of a elderly gentleman who was most certainly one of the living.

With another yawn the old man looked around before turning his gaze toward the cleric. "So whose funeral?"

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