Toast of the Fallen

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Toast of the Fallen

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Three men sat drinking at the bar of the cantina. Several empty bottles of wine lie before them giving evidence to their inebriated state. Currently each held in his hand a tankard of ale.

"To George," said one of the men while drunkenly holding up his mug.

"Yeah, here's to G-G-G, that poor chap," slurred a second.

"He was a brave soul," continued a third ending his sentence with a load burp.

Just then a load snore cracked into the three's revelry of their fallen friend. All three looked down at the passed out man snoring away. "To George!" They all three toasted before emptying their tankards with one swallow.

Fumbling at their coin purses each paid his tab. Singing loudly the three departed the cantina in search of another, leaving their downed friend snoring amongst the rushes.

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