Dwarven Beards

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Dwarven Beards

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So, we all know that a dwarf's beard is his pride and joy, and the dwarf seen in public with out one is considered to be sick or insane. With that said, what kind of styles do you think your dwarven characters should have? Personally, I think the beard bun would be ideal for the fighting dwarf. Just think of it, a beard that hangs from ones chin is such a tactical flaw, I mean all it would take is for an opponent to get a hold on it and tug, there goes your balance. However, I wouldn't recommend using that tactic for as I said a dwarf's beard is his pride and joy so you would have a very annoyed dwarf to contend with afterward.

Other fashionable beard styles are:

The bejeweled braided beard, usually reserved for the special occasion, this style exhibits one wealth and effluence in dwarven society (warning! May attract unwanted attention).

For those special dwarves who just love the sound tinkling fairies, we have the belldazled ear loop braid. This style splits the beard into two even braids that are then loop up behind the ears. Specially designed bells are then inserted and attached to the braids to provided a lovely musical accompaniment to your day.

(The floor is open, anyone else have some?")

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