The Confounding Box

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The Confounding Box

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The wizard stared down at the strange contraption he held in his hands. Made of metal and some unknown sorcerous material, it was symmetrical in shape and easily lighter than any single book he owned. It's purpose to supply materials used in the diligent task of keeping records; however this one had consumed all its charges.

Looking up from the contraption he transferred his consternated stare to a box on the table before him. It wasn't a very large box being just big enough for the contraption and its packaging. As for why it was essential to the wizard's work, it protected the contraption during shipping back to its creators for recharging. The box and packaging also confounded his every effort to replace the item.

What was so easy to remove had become near impossible to reinsert. It was a puzzle of simplicity, absolutely diabolical really. Whichever way he attempted to fit the precisely cut packaging it would not fit in the box. So here he was staring at the confounded box.

Shaking his head he shoved the contraption in the box and left it. He then returned to his work and then to bed when the hour grew late. In the morning he returned to his study and found the contraption tucked and sealed neatly in the box.

Turning to the engineer who shared the study he asked, "Did you do this?"

"No," came the frank reply. "But my ten year-old apprentice packaged it up no problem."

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