Offerings and Boons

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Offerings and Boons

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They'd been walking for hours through the dark forest. The further they walked the darker it became till they could no longer see the noses on their faces. Only the path beneath their booted feet gave comfort and testimony to the world's continued existence. When it seemed that light nor color would ever be seen again it began to lighten.

The return of light gave hope and speed to their every step, and soon they were able to see their feet on the path as they rushed toward the coveted light. Finally they broke into a section of forest flooded by bright green tinted light.

"Welcome travelers!" Whispered a voice on the gentle breeze that stirred the leafed canopy.

The travelers almost fell on their faces as they came to a stop at the unexpected sound. Scanning their surroundings for who had spoken, they took in the sights of this new section. It was less like a wild benevolent grove and more a carefully cultivated temple walk. Where once the path had been simply a well worn game trail, it now was a finely leveled and packed walkway.

"Come make your offerings and one boon we shall grant."

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