Silly Spell Effects 2

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Silly Spell Effects 2

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When last we'd left our four valiant heroes they'd just turned tail and ran, following the Cleric where he might lead.


"Did...We lose it?" Inquired the fighter as he squatted against a wall catching his breath.

His remaining companions the rogue called Sasha and the sorcerous freak Gavjka, lay gasping for breath on the ground. Of the Cleric, Father Franklin, there was no sign; for a man so weighed down by armor he'd never slowed in his course.

"I think..." Gasped the rogue,"It was still behind us...When last I looked."

As if to confirm its inexhaustible pursuit, the creature let forth a ear grating shriek. All three of the companions clapped hands to their ears, wincing at the sound that still ripped at their eardrums. It was a relief that was short lived when the awful noise ended.

"We have to do something, I don't know how much more of this I can take!" Whined Gavjka.

"You and me both!" Agreed Sasha. "But what can we do against that!" This last was said as she pointed back in the general direction in which the creature stalked.

"I know of only one thing that can tame this beast," announced the fighter while looking directly at Sasha.

"NO!" The rouge refused violently. "You can not possibly be thinking what I think you are thinking."

"What?..." Inquired Gavjka while sitting up, a bit confused over Sasha's reaction.

"Hear me me out Sasha," the fighter pled. "You know as well as I that it is our only chance. If we can pull it off we will be able to complete this mission and the gold will be ours, and we won't even have to split it with Father Frank."

"NO!" Sasha grated out through gritted teeth as she stood up to begin pacing. "I only ever did it once for a friend, but I swore I'd never do it again. You can't make me Eugene." This last was said as she crossed her arms under her breasts.

"Excuse me," commented Gavjka, "would someone please clue me in on the plan."

A short time later Sasha stood out where the creature would see her muttering curses under her breath. The rogue wore a long flowing gown of shimmering sapphire that Gavjka had conjured up. Eugene's plan was simple and diabolical at once resting solely on the nature of the dreaded beast.

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