Why did we think we were God?

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Why did we think we were God?

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Why did we ever think we could play God?

First it was the systematic targeting of the unborn that tested positive for unwanted traits. Then we arrogantly experimented with natural selection by monitoring lab fertilized eggs and eliminated those that developed in ways that were unwanted. We developed the means of growing goat clones and splicing the silk producing genes of spiders into regular goat stock. Still not satisfied, we cross bred humans with pigs, but there was much worse done in secrecy.

Men and women began to turn up missing. At first it was only in numbers easily masked by the usual missing cases, but that soon changed as the ones and twos here and there became a hundred. It became apparent that this was something more than simple runaways and untimely deaths; no, these were organized abductions.

Authorities scrabbled, looking for any lead they could find. Marshall law was declared in the hardest hit cities of LA, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta as citizens began to turn on one another out of fear that they, or their loved ones, were next. Homes were raided in the middle of the night in hopes that they could apprehend the culprits, but nothing worked. It was almost as if the abductors knew every move law enforcement and military operatives made before they even made them.

Meanwhile, out in the rest of the world, things were playing out similar as here in the States. Paris was in flames as the people rioted and clashed with French police. London went on lock down by order of Her Majesty the Queen, and the country’s vast traffic surveillance network was turned toward capturing the perpetuators. In Moscow tanks were seen on the streets for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union. China faced a tragedy greater than Tiananmen Square as panic ignited many riots throughout its Provinces, and military forces were ordered to restore the peace. Only those countries in Africa and the entire Southern Hemisphere weren’t affected, but how long would that last?

Ironically, it was in the home of a Mexican drug lord located on the outskirts of Mexico City that authorities found the first leads. Being a highly paranoid individual, the drug lord had paid millions for a state-of-the-art closed-circuit surveillance suite. However, in the end it did him and his household little good as the entire complex was barren of life and the surveillance footage revealed a most unpleasant scene.

Shadows descended from the night sky first slaughtering the perimeter guards like cattle before moving in on the house. Inside personal screamed as they were attacked, but all soon quieted as every living thing died. Time lapsed, and the shadows fled once more into the night leaving the drained husks of the inhabitants behind, but the horror did not end there. No, the bodies rose up and began the shamble through the halls, out the doors and into the night.

After the Mexico revelations, evidence of more bizarre happening surfaced around the world. Vicious pig-men were sighted rampaging through the suburbs of Chicago striking three or four houses a night before disappearing. In Boston, massive hulking brutes smashed in storefront windows with their bare hands without a care, and eye witnesses swore that any wounds healed up right before their eyes. LA and Atlanta were plagued by giant ravenous rats that could burrow into any home. All major cities around the world were in the same boat as monsters ravaged through.

Finally as terror ran rampant, and people locked themselves behind closed doors with any weapon they could find, the most shocking horror was announced. As citizens of everywhere watched TV or listened to a radio, governments ordered the use of nuclear weapons on their own sovereign soil. The emergency had grown too big, and in desperation nuclear bombs were detonated in every major effected city around the world.

And that would have been the end if all had worked as planned, but it didn’t.


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