1. Introduction

Follow the comical trials of the anti social warrior Stacy Brancomb.
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1. Introduction

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A female fighter, an eye patch covering her right eye, looks down at the flyer held in her hand. Laboriously she focuses her single eye on the printed message.

Needed! Rough and tough fighter capable of taking on the most viscous creatures of creation. Must be able to tend wounds and sew where necessary. Able to cook supplied provisions and clean up after the most violent of battles.

The flyer ended by giving the address of a modest two-story house on the edge of the merchant district. Giving the flyer and the house one last skeptical look, she approach the front door to knock.

The door was immediately answered by a young woman with disheveled hair and a haggard look to her face.

"Oh good!" The woman said as she saw the fighter, "the agency finally listen and sent a professional! The children are out back. Good Luck!"

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