5. Night Watchwoman

Follow the comical trials of the anti social warrior Stacy Brancomb.
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5. Night Watchwoman

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A flash of lighting lit the hallway that Stacy Brancomb sat with legs stretched out before her. With only two more hours left in her shift she was looking forward to falling face first into her bed without undressing. Until then, she sat keeping her senses alert to any changes in the building that may warn of an intrusion.

Letting out a sigh from boredom, she scratched her scar under the eye patch she wore and contemplated her most recent career venture. This latest job was as close to home as you could get and not be working out of her own apartment, she was acting as night security for her landlord. It wasn't her idea of a fortuitous line of work, but it got her free apartment and money for food plus other upkeep expenses. Overall it was not a bad gig even if it was her only option.

After the fiasco involving the Dragon's Eye Company her chances at continued employment with the merchant were ground into the dirt. Then there was the matter of her stent in jail, apparently no one wanted to hire a known perpetrator of a public disturbance. Given Vargbritian sentiment, Stacy was highly surprised when her landlord offered her the job after a string of odd break-ins. She was of the opinion that Forwithe only did so to save a little money, plus there was his off hand comparison likening her to a guard dog. A loud crack followed up by a muffled curse interrupted Stacy's musings.

Stacy was now fully alert and with senses honed through years of adventuring, she listened for another sound to pinpoint the source. When it came she stood moving toward the apartment door of a tenet who worked the night shift. At the door she paused listening once more not wanting to simply barge in since the tenet's daughter was suppose to be sleeping; however, a cut off scream made her decision for her.

Grabbing the master key hanging from her belt she hurriedly unlocked the door and threw it open. A half dressed man loomed over the tenet's teenage daughter with his hand pressed against her mouth. Concluding that the man's intentions were less than savory, Stacy rushed forward and that is when misfortune struck.

Only two steps through the door and her left foot came down on a cat's tail. The beast's yowl combined with Stacy's sudden entry elicited startled cries from both the man and the daughter. As the cat darted out the open door it brushed Stacy's other leg forcing her to stumble further into the apartment. Her arms windmilling she struggled to regain her balance but the leg of a chair ended that.

Her balance now completely gone Stacy ran across the room in a desperate attempt to not fall flat on her face. This proved a poor choice as she careened out the open window with a pained cry as her knee clipped the sill on the way out. Flying through the air she closed her eye and prepared herself for her appointed impact on the cobbles with a curse, but the impact never came.

Instead her flight was brought short by something much softer than cobble stones. It also let out a grunt as her solid warrior frame bore it to the ground. Opening her eye to see who had broken her fall she found an unconscious woman dressed in clothes that did not speak well for her intentions. Just then the shriek of watch whistles registered in her confused brain.

"Thank you for your timely assistance Miss," panted a man as he came running up to were Stacy lay on the woman. "Though your unorthodox means of capture was a bit excessive."

"Glad I could be of assistance," Stacy announced as she shook her head, "but I really have no clue as with what."

Reaching down to help her up the bobby explained. "That woman you fell on is a wanted thief. She's been responsible for many of the break ins here abouts."

At the mention of break ins Stacy remembered what had led to her being on the cobbles in the first place. "I thank you for the help and wish you a good morning." She then limped over to the window she'd recently exited and crawled back in.

Inside she found a disheveled teenage girl watching her struggle to get back in. The overly innocent look on the girl's face promised that she was not going to like what came out of the next few minutes. Back in the apartment with her feet firmly under her she turned to the tenet's daughter.

"Where did he go?"

"Where did who go?"

Her suspicions concerning the situation now confirmed, irritation set in. "You know who I mean. Where is the man that was in here with you?"

"Miss Brancomb you really should get your eye checked, there was no one here but me." The girl answered innocently.

Glaring at the girl with her only eye Stacy changed tactics. "I heard you scream."

"I had nightmare," the girl countered before changing topic. "I know Mister Forwithe made you night watchman, but don't you think you are letting that power go to your head? I mean, bursting into a tenet's apartment unannounced the way you did, kind of a power trip don't you think?"

Stacy's glare turned threatening causing the teen to take a step back. Then with a curse she turned to leave the apartment before she ended up throttling the girl. As she walked across the threshold there was some rustling, and as the door slammed behind her she heard a male voice mutter, "Have a good morning Miss Brancomb."

Outside the apartment she ran into Forewithe, her landlord and current employer. "Good news! The Constabulary just came by to advise me that the burglar was just captured, so it looks like your services are no longer required." Then without further word the man left for his office leaving Stacy in fuming frustration.

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