Episode 1- The Plan

Enjoy the escapades of the sexy trio Victoria, Valerie, and Vivian.
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Episode 1- The Plan

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The last note of a haunting melody hung in the air has the performer gave her audience one last smile before stepping down form the stage. As a bard form a large city she was used to much larger crowds than that gathered in the tiny tavern in Delverton, but the enthusiasm of all the lonely miners was hard to beat. So basking is the lust filled adulation of men covered in rock and coal dust, Victoria of Rivine made her way to the table she shared with her two traveling companions.

"Wonderful performance," commented one of her companions as she raised her glass of wine in a toasting gesture.

Victoria's companions were a mismatched pair if she had ever saw any. One was short for a human, being only five foot two inches in height, the other towered at six foot one inches. The one toasting with the wine glass was short and maintained an athletic figure with all the pleasantly toned muscles of an acrobat, which she showcased with skin hugging leathers. On the other hand the tall one seemed rather bookish on first look and wore loose robes to hide her figure, but anyone who discounted her as a threat was in for unpleasant surprise.

"Thank you, Valerie," Victoria drawled making her words sound like a caress for the continued benefit of her lingering audience. "Now who will buy me a glass of wine?" Men rushed to the bar to buy her that drink, and the first to bring her a glass received an inviting smile and a gentle caress of her hand on his cheek.

"Now," Valerie began after taking another sip of her wine, "if you would dismiss your adoring public, we have business to speak of."

Sighing, Victoria directed another smile toward her adoring fans before addressing them. "I so do appreciate your concerns for my whims," Victoria drawled, "but would you all be a dear and give my friends and I sometime alone? I promise to give you one last performance to remember if you would." This last was said in the coyest manner she could muster, and the suggestive smile ensured that all the men backed away with hopes for the coming performance. When all the men were gone Victoria adopted a more natural smile and sipped her wine.

“You know this habit of encouraging the locals is going to land you in hot water,” commented Victoria’s other companion.

“Yes I do,” Victoria stated, “and one day it will land me in a lot of trouble with a big strong working man. There just may be a ring and a bun in the oven if you know what I mean.” This was said with a sly smile.

“Besides Vivian,” Victoria continued, “don’t be pointing the finger you little hussy, we all know the predicaments you get into. Maybe you should show the lads here a little of what you are wearing under those robes.”

Victoria’s comments inspired a deep blush to spread across Vivian’s face. However, before she could counter Victoria’s comments Valerie broke in.

“Ladies, please,” Valerie interrupted, “we do have business to discuss. Now, with the money from that goblin raid, what else have we earned?"

“Well,” Victoria began, “I have amassed quite the haul from my performances. I just love strong sweaty men covered in dust, so willing to spend on little old me.”

“Good,” Valerie stated before turning to Vivian. “How about you?”

“My rendezvous with that wizard went well,” Vivian began, “came through on the payment for that spell I acquired from his rival.”

“Alright,” Valerie began, “that puts use ahead. Add in my more illicit contributions, who’d of thought that dwarven woman would have been so ruthless as to commission the de-bearding of her economic equals, and I think we will have enough to get home in style and comfort.”

“So where are we to acquire said comforts?” inquired Vivian and earned herself a dirty look form the red headed Victoria. Victoria was always one ready to expect things to materialize form nowhere.

“Gilbrath,” Valerie replied simply.

“Gilbrath,” both Vivian and Victoria repeated breathlessly. The dwarven stronghold was a legend in these parts with its vaulted halls and vast wealth; unfortunately only dwarves were allowed unrestricted access. A person of any other race who desired entry had to pay a hefty fee for a pass.

“How did you find that much Val!” Vivian exclaimed.

“Well,” Valerie said smiling broadly, “as part of the commissioning price for my services that lady dwarf provided me with this.” So saying Valerie withdrew a beaten metal disk made of platinum form her breast pocket. The disk was an unlimited pass into the dwarven stronghold.

“So ladies,” Valerie began again, “are you ready to see the glories of Gilbrath?”

Laughing joyously the other two women, one a red head the other a blonde raised their glasses of wine high. “To Gilbrath and Glory!”

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