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Two women sat together studying a wand found in a goblin cave. One was a rogue and the other a sorceress.

"So what do you make of it?" Inquired the rouge.

"Well, from what I can tell it definitely magical," replied the sorceress.

"No, really?" The rouge said sarcastically. "Now stop dicking around and tell me what it does."

The sorceress only gave the other woman a huge smile. They were best friends since girlhood and she loved picking at the rogue, and the rogue knew it.

Taking control of the wand the sorceress waved it in a random direction and pronouncing the trigger word. For a short time nothing happened, suddenly the paladin of there little war party bolted up right screaming.

"Ants! Get them off!" He then proceeded to tear his armor off giving both women an eye full in the process.

"Well, that is one way to get him out of that armor," stated the third woman of their friendship triad.

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