Episode 3 - Von Bach Protocol

Enjoy the escapades of the sexy trio Victoria, Valerie, and Vivian.
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Episode 3 - Von Bach Protocol

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Vivian sat nursing a raging hangover in the common room of the suite she and her companions had rented at the Stone Flagon Mead Hall. On the table before her was a large glass of Dwarven wine, basically mead cut with a tart fruit juice. As she sat there she wondered why she even ordered the thing other than the memory of her mother recommending more of what bit you for a hangover. At the thought of her mother unwanted memories came rushing to the forefront of her mind.

Vivian's mother had not been the trustworthiest of women nor a very nurturing one. As the village whore the woman never had much time for her one and only child, clients always came first since they were the source of income. On top of that, when she was not with a client she spent her time occupied with bottles of cheap wine, gifts form some of her clients. During her rare periods of sobriety the woman imparted little kernels of advise, one of which had Vivian sitting with a raging headache and a glass of wine in front of her.

"Good Morning!" chimed Valerie’s voice cheerfully.

Wincing at the sound, Vivian looked up to see the rogue tying her shoulder length raven locks back with a red ribbon. The sight of Valerie walking out of her room wearing only a sift that barely covered her athletic form brought back more unwanted memories of her unhappy childhood. Quickly, and without thinking, she grabbed her glass and downed its contents hoping that it would drown the memories out. That however was a big mistake.

The mead and juice concoction burned its way down her throat and the tart after tones caused her to screw up her face. Once the liquid took up residence safely in her belly, Vivian began to cough and suck in air to cool her burning throat. The worst thing of all was that the drink did not calm her hangover and the coughing only served to make the pounding in her head worse; chalk another one up to her mother.

"You know you should only sip that," Valerie piped up stating the obvious in the most annoying of ways possible.

"Will-you-shut-up!" Vivian managed to gasp out between coughs.

"What, and spare you my wit over your hangover?" Valerie inquired maliciously. "Why ever would I do that? Normally it's Victoria that suffers from this malady, and you berate her for her lack of wisdom. So I think not. By the way did you order breakfast?"

At the mention of breakfast Vivian felt like she was going to vomit, but she managed to choke that back which only caused her to cough more. Finally, after another minute or two of coughing and listening to Valerie's laughter, she got control of her self. Laying her pounding head on the table she managed to croak out an answer. "No."

Vivian felt a gentle hand touch her shoulder and she looked to see Valerie looking down at her with concerned eyes, but before either could say more Victoria came rushing out of her room. The bard quickly moved around the room only half dressed and as she went she stuffed articles of discarded clothing into the backpack she carried. She had done two circuits when she stop and turned in place to survey the room.

"How was your night?" Valerie inquired jovially of the bard before she darted for the bard’s still open door. As she went she voiced her thoughts, "I only got a glimpse as you went upstairs. Is he as gorgeous without clothes as he was with?" However, just at the room’s threshold she was brought up short by Victoria's arm blocking entry.

"Von Bach," was all Victoria said to send Valerie and Vivian into action as though she had cracked a whip. Valerie ran for her room and Vivian, even slowed by her chair and splitting headache, was right behind her in heading for her own.

As Vivian hastily threw her scattered belongings into her own backpack her thoughts drifted into the past.


Von Bach had been the son of one of the many petty landless lords of the Triggadorn Federation, he had also been one of her mother's more frequent callers. The man had always made her nervous, so when ever he had come she ensured she was elsewhere or would simply stay out of sight. Though even with these precautions it was inevitable that she he would catch her alone in her mother's small cottage.

It was after one of her mother's drinking binges that she was tidying up the mess while her mother snored away oblivious to all when he found her. One moment she was bending over to pick up an empty wine bottle the next someone was grabbing her from behind and pulling her upright. The smell of cheap cologne worn by many of the minor nobility told her who it was.

"Let me go Lord Von Bach," Vivian had demanded politely.

"Where is you mother?" Von Bach had inquired while he pulled her closer to him and smelled her hair.

"Are you deaf sir?" Vivian asked incredulously while trying to extract herself form the man’s grasp. "Her snores could wake the dead!"

"Well, no sense in waking her," Von Bach replied as he brought a hand up to grope her breasts. "The daughter of the whore will suffice. It is about time you learned a little of your mother's trade."

"I said let me go!" Vivian demanded again and grabbed the hand that groped her bringing it to mouth and bit hard while viciously stomping hard on the man's instep. Her actions were rewarded when he threw her away from him into the table.

"You little strumpet!" Von Bach said through pain-clenched teeth while hopping around on one foot. "You shall pay for that!" He then began to limp toward her. Panicking Vivian quickly knocked a chair into his path hoping he would trip.

His maneuverability hampered by his injured foot, Von Bach foot caught on a chair leg and he fell toward Vivian and the table. Dodging to the left Vivian got out of the way and the man came down on the table with his chin. Seeing this and the way clear to the door, Vivian took the chance to escape but her escape was cut short.

Vivian had only taken a step when Von Bach's hand came up to catch her foot tripping her. Before she could recover Von Back was atop of her pinning her to the floor on her belly. Still not willing to give up she struggled but his weight combined with his strength to prevent her breaking loose.

"Now that was not very nice my petty," grunted Von Bach next to her ear, and then she felt something wet drip on her ear before the man continued. "I was only going to take what I wanted and leave, but now that you have brought blood it is only fair I do the same. Wouldn't you agree?" When all she did was continue to struggle the man grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back before bring it down hard on the floor.

Dazed by impact, Vivian didn't resist when Von Bach briefly lifted his weight to flip her over. By the time she recovered the man once again had her pinned, though now she could see what had angered the man so. Blood ran from the corner of his mouth and when he opened his mouth to speak she saw that four of his teeth were broke off.

"Let us see how rough you like it," Von Bach stated spitting blood in her face as he spoke. He then moved her hands above her head and gripped them both in one of his before using the other to painfully grope her.

Tears of frustration and impotent anger began to well in Vivian's eyes. She was not an innocent having at eighteen lied with a few boys, and girls for that matter, but no one should endure this abominable break in human just. What was happening to her should not happen and should never be allowed to happen. These thoughts raged in Vivian's mind as Von Bach’s groping hand moved lower, just before it reached its goal something happened that changed Vivian's life forever.

Vivian’s rage at what was happening built till it became the center of her being and began to cause physical pain, and then it was gone. With its ending she became aware of energy flowing around and through everything. Reaching out to it mentally she was surprised when it responded and filled her. Seconds passed but for Vivian it felt like hours, finally she became aware of the screaming.

Opening the eyes she had no memory of closing, she saw above her Von Bach burning. His eyes had already burst from the heat yet he still screamed as the flame ate at him, panicking at the sight she wished for it to stop. With a sudden rush the flames vanished and in their place came waves of soul chilling cold that frightened her even more than the flames and she wanted it to go away. Once more her thoughts brought an end to the chill, but now she was pinned to the floor by a charred and frozen thing that had once been Von Bach.

At first Vivian just lay there staring up at the eyeless, charred, and frozen man, his visage still screaming silently even though he would never draw breath again. Then the reality of her situation began to set in, here she was on the floor with the body of dead lord pining her there. If the authorities had heard the screams they would find them and she would be arrested and charged unless she could pay the blood price. What little money she had earned by doing odd jobs around the village and managed to hide from her mother was not enough to pay the blood price of a commoner let alone a lord. At this point she began to panic and struggle to get out from under the frozen bulk.

After struggling for a minute Vivian stop struggling and felt a strong press building in her chest till it forced its way up through her throat and out her mouth as a earth shattering wail. As the wail hit the frozen man it shattered releasing her and with the shattering the wail ceased. Still in a panic, she had sprung to her feet and fled the cottage weeping in fear and she did not stop running till she ran into Valerie, one of only two good friends.


“Vivian! Stop daydreaming and get moving!” shouted Victoria bringing Vivian back to the present.

Shaking her head to clear it of the shadows of the past, Vivian looked around her room to be sure she didn’t forgot anything. Satisfied she had not, she slung the pack over her shoulder and rushed out her door, her hangover now only a memory with the crisis at hand. In the common room she found Victoria, now fully dressed, and Valerie both ready to go.

“Valerie, you get the bill,” Victoria ordered ignoring the fact that Valerie usually took the lead for their little group. “Vivian and I will meet you on the Hall’s steps.”

When Valerie attempted to speak up Victoria only turned to leave the room leaving Vivian to follow. Vivian glanced at the rogue who only shrugged, but when the bard called her Vivian rushed to follow the woman. Soon she and the bard were waiting on the mead hall’s front steps waiting for Valerie to pay the bill. This gave Vivian time to finish her reflection on the past.

After finding Valerie and confessing to the entire affair her friend had agreed that she had to relocate for a while. She also stated that she was not going to leave her to own devices, but would accompany her into exile, until they could return with the lord’s blood price in hand. It was as they were sneaking away that Victoria caught them with her own pack over her shoulder with news of the commotion in the village. Apparently they had already strung up her drunkard mother and were now calling for a witch-hunt for her. That was how they left their homes in the dead of night fearing the hunters would find them. To this day they used the name Von Bach as code that they needed to flee.

“Alright Victoria,” Valerie began as she met them on the steps, “what is this…” Valerie dropped what she was saying when Victoria turned to quickly move to the walk below. What followed was a quick silent walk through the busiest paths and avenues of the Gilbrath’s under city. In the under city no beasts of burden were allowed in order to maintain air quality and cut down on maintenance. After what seem like forever, the bard turned a corner that brought them to one of the carriage houses that opened out into parts of the stronghold open to air.

Not bothering to stop, Victoria flashed a ticket in front of a posted guard who waved her on through, both Vivian and Valerie followed close behind. Once in the bard moved from carriage storage to another till she stopped at one that held a carriage painted black with dark purple trim. “Here is our ride out ladies,” Victoria whispered before rushing up to the carriage door and flinging it open. As it opened a footman wearing clothes of the same colors of the carriage fell out.

In a blink of an eye, Victoria had a dagger at his throat. “Get up and fetch the horses you wretch,” the bard ordered and let the dagger draw blood. “If you do it quickly I just might let you live.” Once the dagger left his neck the man stood up and off he went to bring the horses. Victoria watched till the man had gone then got up into the carriage.

“Victoria,” Valerie again attempted to demand answers, “what is going on?” For answer Valerie had to act fast as a pair of padded manacles with slave collar came flying at her head. Many other questionable items followed this, however, it was the last item that Victoria carried out that put the crowning touch on all else. It was a box that was decorated with phallic symbols and other imagines.

“Victoria,” Vivian started taking a chance to get answers form the bard this time, “what is going on? Why have you brought us here? And this is the most import, why was all this in that carriage?” The bard seemed about to answer but just then the footman came up leading two horses.

“Hitch them to the carriage, you contemptible maggot,” Victoria ordered. “Vivian come help me with the chest on the back.”

Not knowing what else to do Vivian did as the bard asked, then when Victoria directed began to throw the items removed from the carriage into the chest. Once all items were in, Victoria closed and locked the chest, she then turned to the cowering footman. “Wait here for your master, and if you leave this spot I swear to all that binds you, you will regret it,” she told him in a menacing manner. “Now, what is the trigger word for the carriage, and remember all that binds you.” When the man rambled off some incomprehensible nonsense Victoria nodded and climbed up into the carriage.

Vivian looked over at Valerie to see the same amazed look that must be on her own face. What had come over Victoria? As if this thought summoned the woman stuck her head out the door to look at the inquisitively before speaking.

“Are you going to get in?” Victoria voiced.

Giving herself a shake, Vivian was the first to climb into the carriage and made herself comfortable. After Valerie boarded, Victoria closed the door before uttering the same words the footman had. With a lurch the carriage began to move and they were soon out in the morning sunlight.

“So now that we are out of the under city,” Valerie began her irritation clearly evident in both her face and voice, “What was that?”

“That was me getting away from a fate worse than death,” Victoria stated simply as she watched the sights of the outer stronghold go by.

“Alright, let me rephrase my question,” Valerie replied. “You invoked ‘Von Bach’ protocol so that deserves an explanation. For another matter, what was with the angel of death routine? You hate getting your hands dirty when it comes to killing, not to mention that the sight of blood makes you sick to your stomach. I thought you were going to spew all of that man when you drew blood.”

Silence ruled the carriage, and Vivian glanced back and forth between her two friends. These two were always bumping heads over one such matter or another and it was usually her job to step in to make peace. When enough time passed with nothing said, she sighed deeply and prepared to do so again; but Victoria spoke up without warning.

“You both know that my parents are bards,” Victoria began still watching the sights out the window, “and that my father travels most of the time rarely returning home for a visit. Well in his travel he picked up much information of the world at large, one of which he made sure that I was intimately aware of: that of the existence of the Tri-Winged Scarab.”

After this announcement the bard fell silent as though wondering about how to continue. Time passed and they soon arrived at one of Gilbrath’s gates, once they were through she continued. “The Tri-Winged Scarab is a cult from the far deserts of Toj dedicated to the worship of the god Stia, The Soul Breaker. The reason they are only a cult is that they seek power not directly form Stia himself, but through three of his extra planar servants. Well the man I lay with was a cultist that shared a pact with a powerful succubus.” Here she paused to turn her head toward them.

“In exchange for his powers through the pact he must supply his mistress with souls. The gathering is accomplished by perverting the act of love making till the victim is willing to give them whatever is asked, to include the soul.” She then turned her head at to the scenery, and then continued. “I nearly fell victim to him before seeing the Purple Scarab tattoo on his hand. Even then it was only my little bottle of drugged Viniceil that allowed me to resist once the fun began.”

“So why didn’t you just kill him and be done with it?” Valerie inquired incredulously. “The look I got into that room showed me a man trussed up like a man on a rack.”

“I thought about it,” Victoria stated, “but I couldn’t. I know he is evil and deserves to die for the suffering he has likely caused, but does that mean he can’t be saved.” At this the normally worldly bard looked up at them with unshed tears in her eyes.

Seeing this brought tears to Vivian’s own eyes and she bent over to give her friend a needed hug. When they parted both continued to hold the others hand as if doing so they could keep a dream alive.

“Great,” shouted Valerie braking the moment, being always the practical one of the three. “So now you have a crush on a man that was attempting to steal your soul! This is just wonderful, and I suppose you left a note as well!” At the sheepish look Victoria gave the rogue, Vivian had to laugh even though the situation was no that comical.

“You did leave a note,” Valerie said before burying her face in her hands to mumble something that sounded like “Why me?” Lifting her head Valerie continued aloud. “So what did this note say?”


Dear Octavious,

I enjoyed our night together. Your head is likely hurting after the dose you took of my little drugged concoction, but if you steep the shavings of willow bark I left it should help. I am sorry I could not stay but we both know that would have been a mistake on my part to remain with a bearer of the Purple Scarab.

Thank you for the use of your carriage, after all it is only fitting that your lady of the night should avail herself of your things. Also, your footman will be waiting for you to come fetch him and should be guarding your other belongings.

Finally, fare thee well dear Sir! Seek me out when you have found the courage to break with your pact, I will be waiting.

Your Meadowlark

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