Session 1

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Session 1

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By all rights I shouldn't be here. When one dies they are suppose to leave for parts of the universe for which their soul is most aligned. Yet here I am, and still just as bored in the afterlife as I was in life.

Though don't get me wrong, being dead is great. Where once a wall was a barrier, it is now just another doorway. You know the saying about a fly on the wall, well forget that; whoever thought of that should try being a ghost. Some of the things I have seen would curl your hair or drive one mad, if I wasn't dead that is. But I digress.

With all these interesting sights why am I so bored? Well as a ghost there is only so much I can do, not to mention that I am bound to my earthly remains and can not stray too far. You see, when you are a ghost you have three choices availed to you: pass on, haunt the living, or decide to discover why you are here.

Now, for me the first is out, tried and no luck. The second, once you've done it a thousand times it becomes tedious, it is no wonder that so many of my fellow spooks turn violent. Finally there is the third route, which is where I find myself.

I guess for some the contemplation of the afterlife would hold some interest; however, for me it is down right dull.

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