Part 1

Here you can join the less than talented Druid Raoul on his journey of misfortune.
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Part 1

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Raoul was a druid of less than average talent, unless you counted his ability for creating trouble. His most recent disaster involving a field of cabbages was only one event in a long line of mishaps. Which was why he was once again running for his life.

Currently, Raoul sat in the crook of a large elm listening for any sounds of pursuit. Hopefully the spell he had cast to throw off the pursuers dogs worked this time. The last time he had cast it the spell had enabled the dogs to follow him for days, but once the human pursuers had dropped out the dogs ended up being rather friendly. After listening for over an hour he finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to climb down from the tree.

"Hello there!" exclaimed a small sultry voice behind him just as his feet touched solid ground.

His heart jumping into his throat, Raoul turned sharply to face this new challenge. His turn was perfectly executed but at the last instance his trailing foot caught on one of the trees roots causing him to careen to the left and fall flat on his face. There he lay waiting for the killing blow, when nothing happened he allowed himself to listen to something other than his own heart

Bubbling laughter was what he heard, and when he looked over his shoulder he was struck dumb by the sight. A glorious vision of green ivy hair and skin the color of young elm bark stood above him. From her shoulders hung a tunic made of elm leaves and forest flowers. The best thing of all was the mischievous smile that graced her lips even while she laughed.

"My, aren't we graceful," commented the laughing vision.

"Uh," was the only thing that Raoul could get out so clouded was his mind.

"No, do not speak just follow." So saying the dryad set off away from the tree Raoul had waited out the pursuit, leaving him to follow. Hurriedly, not wanting to loose sight of this lovely vision, he got to his feet and ran to catch up to the dryad.

"You can thank me later for my help with the pursuit," the dryad stated as she led him further into the forest. "Those men chasing you had just doubled back when I found them. I convinced them to go home, so you are welcome. Now I have a task for you."

"Now my tree is suffering from a parasitic infestation," the dryad began, "and I need you to get them to go away." As she spoke the two of them broke through a large clearing and in its center stood a large elm that was easily five hundred years old at least. Its trunk was so big that five full-grown men would have had difficulty linking hands around it. The branches reached toward the sky and out to the sides to maximize sunshine coverage.

"This is my tree. Isn't he the most beautiful sight you ever did see!" the dryad exclaimed proudly. "Now do your stuff human," the dryad ordered.

For the first time in two hours Raoul was able to think clearly. His first instinct was to run, then he realized that this creature would only bring him back. Besides, she was a lovely thing and he wanted to help her, and as a druid he had a duty to assist spirits of the natural world.

Walking up to the tree, Raoul examined it noticing the places where the bark had fallen off to expose white elm wood. Arriving at the base of the tree he placed a hand on the trunk and closed his eyes and let himself drift. Slowly a sense of the tree's pain began to resonate with his mind. Taking a deep breath he began to pray for Vat's, the god of the natural world and druids, assistance.

As he prayed Raoul felt the glorious power of Vat build in the back of his mind till as the final syllable crossed his lips the dam broke and it surged through his being. Raoul was lost in the euphoria of his god's grace; so never registered the drastic alteration of what he had intend to happen.

As the Dyrad watched instead of her tree growing healthier it began to shrivel, and in proportion the human began to develop tree like qualities. The strangest thing of all was the feel of her connection with the tree. That connection began to lessen while a connection with the human began to grow. Finally the realization of what was happening hit her, the druid wasn't healing her tree he was taking on its role.

With a screech of horror the dryad took hold of the human's shoulders and pulled him form the tree, but it was too late. Her bond with her tree was no more and that with this unnatural thing before her was now the object of all her love and existence. "What have you done?" the dyrad cried with outrage.

"Done?" Raoul still befuddled by the effects of the spell.

"You didn't heal my tree,” began the dyrad sobbing, “you killed it and replaced it with yourself.”

Horrified by what she said, Raoul looked over at now dead and shriveled tree. "I will fix it!" he cried.

"You had better," the dyrad stated threateningly, "and since I am stuck with you till that happens, I am going to make your life a living hell."

"I got it!" Raoul exclaimed. "We will go to the Grand High Druid! Of course I don't know if there is such a personage, but if there is, together we shall find him or her."

The dyrad just looked at him with despair and collapsed to her knees sobbing while the druid continued to ramble on about his plans to right his most recent blunder.

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